Creating Equitable ways of trading for small-scale farmers

Most of the world’s coffee is grown on small-holdings. In much of east Africa these are often tiny plots of land where coffee production is measured by the number of trees rather than the area of the land itself as coffee is intercropped with food crops for the household. In Latin America you will find … Continued

Coffee’s Own Pandemic: Coffee Leaf Rust

A decade ago, coffee was subject to its own pandemic – coffee leaf rust decimated coffee crops in Latin America causing an estimated $3 billion of damage and forcing many farmers to abandon coffee, perhaps forever for some. Leaf rust creates abnormalities on coffee plant leaves eventually causing leaves to fall off, often resulting in … Continued

Smallholder farmers and the Impact of Climate Change

Behind every cup of coffee is a complex global supply chain involving a roaster, global logistics, import and export stakeholders and of course coffee farming families. More than ever COP26 highlighted the injustice of small-holder farming families who contributed little to the climate crisis while being most exposed and least able to adapt to its … Continued

Biting Back at The Climate Crisis with Fairtrade Cocoa

Farmers and workers around the world are on the front line of the climate crisis, from rising temperatures and changing weather patterns to deforestation and water scarcity. Many farmers in countries vulnerable to climate change say it’s the biggest challenge they face right now – and they’ve done the least to cause it. With the climate … Continued