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Tiramisu Mocha

Tiramisu Mocha

Was there ever a better match than Chocolate, coffee and amaretto


  • Double espresso
  • DaVinci Amaretto syrup
  • Hot water
  • Chocolate Abyss 30% Fairtrade Cocoa
  • Flat milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Triple Chocolate Crispies


  • Brew a double espresso in a 12oz cup
  • Add 2 pumps of DaVinci Amaretto syrup and 1 x 25g scoop of Chocolate Abyss 30% Cocoa
  • Add a splash of hot milk to the cup and mix into a creamy paste
  • Top up with flat latte milk
  • Decorate with a dollop of cream and garnish with Triple Chocolate Crispies