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Dairy Free Peach Oatmeal Smoothie

Dairy Free Peach Oatmeal Smoothie


  • A 16oz cup of ice to 2/3 full
  • 3oz/90ml DaVinci peach smoothie mix (2oz/60ml for 12oz drink)
  • Oat m*lk
  • 1 tablespoon of oats
  • 2 pumps of DaVinci honeycomb syrup (1 pump for a 12oz drink)


  • Pour smoothie mix over ice cubes (to about 1/4 full)
  • Add syrup and oat m*lk to 3/4 full
  • Add oats to the blender jug
  • Add cup contents to the blender jug
  • Blend on programme #3 and pour back into cup
  • Garnish with fresh peaches and oats (optional) Recipe portions are for a 16oz serve