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Cold Brew Gunpowder Green Spearmint

Cold Brew Gunpowder Green Spearmint


  • Suki Tea Gunpowder Green & Spearmint
  • Cold brewer or tea pockets
  • Cold water
  • Lime and mint to garnish


  • Steep tea in cold water for 24-48h. (In a CoffeeGator brewer we recommend 6 scoops of Gunpowder Green & Spearmint Tea. Alternative instructions available for hot brew method)
  • Serve over a glass full of ice and garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint leaves. (For extra impact, freeze some ice cubes with garnishes inside)
  • Optional – sweeten to taste with Hasslacher’s panela sugar. One batch will produce approx. 5 x 16oz drinks over ice and 7 x 12oz drinks over ice.