Tiki Filter

The soft roast taste is accompanied by just enough citrus to balance the flavour scale. The aroma of soft roast is garnished with tantalising green hints.

Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance approved. Fresh and zesty, Tiki is a bright coffee, medium roasted to retain the green fruit flavours. Tiki is a great all day coffee.


Available as:
6 x 1kg filter whole bean
50 x 3pt ground filter coffee
27 x 4pt ground filter coffee
24 x 10pt ground filter coffee


Origins Peru, Honduras
100% Arabica Coffee Beans
Rainforest Alliance

Contains at least 50% Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee

Did you know...

Not to be confused with its espresso counterpart, this Tiki is altogether softer. It’s a medium roast that sits well with bacon rolls, walnut cake or a ten course tasting menu.

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