Since 1864, we’ve been supplying UK businesses with the freshest, tastiest coffee known to beankind. Along the way, we've led the UK's espresso revolution - we even introduced the world's first triple-certified espresso back in 2004. But our passion for coffee innovation didn’t stop there.

From sustainably sourcing only the freshest, new season harvests from around the world, to supplying industry leading coffee machinery & SCA accredited barista training - we understand that perfecting each part of the bean-to-cup journey is crucial in helping our customers deliver the best cups of coffee possible to their patrons.


What we discover in our Coffee Lab really does make a huge difference to the way we operate. Through our work with local universities (and students from around the world), we've carried out dozens of studies on the science of flavour, freshness and much more.

From our crazily accurate roast temperature and clever nitrogen-filled packs to our intricate cryogenic grinding techniques - we go a long way to help you serve the freshest, tastiest coffee around!


Sourcing the tastiest green coffee takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We have our own in-house green coffee buyers. Following four key principles: trading relationships, certifications, direct trade and new crop flavour, they are able to guarantee the quality of the beans.

  • Trading Relationships: Our relationships with our farmers go far beyond an e-mail or telephone call to a wholesaler. We visit our principal coffee farmers every couple of years, developing direct relationships and continually raising the bar on quality.
  • Certifications: Working to international standards such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic guarantees that our coffee is being produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
  • Direct trade: All Matthew Algie coffee is ethically sourced and traceable, but what makes our hand-roasted coffees different is the direct sourcing of the most outstanding one-off micro-lots, often an entire crop, from individual farmers. Each carefully selected hand-roasted coffee celebrates an individual farm's unique terroir.
  • New crop flavour: Fresh coffee starts with the best possible green beans. We only buy new season harvests, ensuring that our coffee really is as fresh as possible.

Matthew Algie Coffee

Ethically sourced then roasted and packed to perfection. Browse the Matthew Algie range of espresso and filter coffee beans here.

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