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AeroPress Coffee Maker

by AeroPress

Product Overview

Create consistently smooth filter coffee with the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso extraction system. Rich, smooth, pure and fast, AeroPress delivers on taste every time.

Perfect for use with our brew bar and 10oz porcelain mug. 

Top Tips

Try these top tips, but remember the fun is in the experimentation.

1. Place plunger on a hard surface rubber seal side up.
2. Assemble AeroPress (don’t fit the filter just yet).
3. Add two scoops of coffee to the chamber. Add hot water.
4. Stir and leave for 30-60 seconds.
5. Place filter paper in the basket, wet it and lock into the chamber.
6. Turn AeroPress over quickly onto a pre-heated cup or brew bar.
7. Gently press plunger to extract coffee.

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