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DaVinci Mango Smoothie Mix

by DaVinci

Product Overview

All the taste of mangos without any hassle. Pour over ice and blend.

Recipe Suggestions

Mango Tango

1. Add 2 pumps of DaVinci Coconut syrup and 2 mint leaves to a blender jug.
2. 3/4 fill a 12oz cup with ice.
3. Fill nearly to the top with approx. 150ml DaVinci Mango Smoothie Mix.
4. Top with a dash of water and add to the blender.
5. Blitz on programme #3.
6. Serve with an optional mint leaf garnish.

Point of Sale 

Posters, tent cards and strut cards are available for this recipe.

Nutritional Information 

Storage Instructions: Store in cool, dry warehousing, protected from frost and direct sunlight.  Slight evidence of crystallisation may occur in the product if stored in conditions approaching refrigeration temperatures; this is reversible in more favourable storage conditions.  This is a natural occurrence and does not affect the quality of the product.

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8 x 1L cartons

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