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Chemex Coffee Brewer (6 cup)

by Chemex

Product Information

Brews 500ml of coffee - enough for two to share. Use about 30g coffee per 500ml. Creates a clean, soft brew.

Top Tips

Try these top tips, but remember - the fun is in the experimentation.

1. Use 30g of ground coffee (medium grind) for two 10fl oz cups/500ml
2. Rinse the cups and filter paper with some hot water.
3. Use hot, but not boiling water (500g).
4. Pre-pour a little water to saturate the grounds and allow the coffee just to bloom.
5. Do an even spiral pour from the centre to the edges – make sure all the grounds are covered so the extraction is even.
6. Pour again maintaining a consistent water level covering all the grounds. This helps agitate the grounds and leads to a uniform extraction.
7. Remove the filter when you’re finished and enjoy.

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