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Cream Whipper 1/2 Litre

by ISI

Product Overview

Half fill with cream, screw on a charger and shake a few times - easy and tasty. Our fresh cream whipper creates mountains of mouth-watering fresh cream, transforming an everyday drink into a luxurious, lavish experience. Easy to use and super efficient, our whippers add the ‘wow’ factor to your menu. Dare to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Hot Chocolate Orange

1. Add one 25g scoop of Chocolate Abyss 40% Cocoa powder to a 7oz glass.
2. Add a splash of hot water and mix until it forms a paste.
3. Add two pumps of DaVinci Orange syrup to the paste.
4. Top with steamed latte milk and whipped cream.
5. Shake Chocolate Abyss Flakes generously on top.

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1 whipper

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