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DaVinci Strawberry Smoothie Mix

by DaVinci

Product Overview

Bursting with strawberries, this smoothie mix can be used in frappes or simply poured over ice and blended.

Recipe Suggestions

Strawberry & White Chocolate Frappe

1. Add  a  flat  scoop  of  Vanilla  Breeze Frappe Powder to the blender jug

2. Pour DaVinci Strawberry Smoothie Mix over a glass of ice cubes (3/4 full), add 2 pumps of DaVinci White Chocolate Syrup and top up with milk

3. Add contents of the glass to the blender jug

4. Blitz contents on programme 35. Garnish with whipped cream and DaVinci Strawberry Smoothie Mix

Recipe portions are for a 12oz drink.

Point of Sale

Posters, tent cards and strut cards are available to order.

Nutritional Information 

Storage Instructions: Store in cool, dry warehousing, protected from frost and direct sunlight.  Slight evidence of crystallisation may occur in the product if stored in conditions approaching refrigeration temperatures; this is reversible in more favourable storage conditions.  This is a natural occurrence and does not affect the quality of the product.

£40.80 inc. VAT

8 x 1L cartons

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