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Hario V60 Retail Gift Set

by Hario

Product Information

The perfect gift or starter set for filter coffee lovers. This eye catching box is an ideal retail package and contains a red V60 ceramic cone (size01), one flass brew jug, one scoop and an initial supply of filter papers. 

Top Tips

Try these top tips, but remember - the fun is in the experimentation.

1. Grind 20-25g of coffee (for a 10fl oz cup).
2. Rinse the cup, cone and filter paper with some hot water.
3. Use hot, but not boiling water.
4. Pre-pour a little water to cover and saturate the grounds so the extraction is even.
5. Do a big pour – make sure all the grounds are covered so the extraction is even.
6. When the water sinks to about half way through the paper filter, do another big pour covering all the grounds. This helps agitate the grounds and leads to a uniform extraction.
7. Remove the cup when it’s 1 1/2 cm away from being full. There may be still coffee coming through, but you should stop the extraction.

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