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Mini Chocolate Beans

Product Overview

Add a splash of colour to your drinks with these candy coated pieces of milk chocolate loveliness. Popular with kids and adults alike.

Recipe Suggestion

Chocolate Frappe

1. Add a flat scoop of Chocolate Abyss 30% Fairtrade Organic Cocoa and a fla scoop  of the Vanilla Breeze Frappe Powder   to the blender jug
2. Pour 2 pumps of DaVinci White   Chocolate Syrup over a glass of ice cubes  (1/2 full), and top up with milk
3. Add contents of the glass to the  blender jug
4. Blitz contents on programme 3
5. Garnish with whipped cream   and Mini Chocolate Beans
Recipe portions are for a 12oz drink.

Point of Sale

Posters, tend cards and strut cards are available to order.

Nutritional Information

Storage information: Store in sealed jar in a cool dry place away from sunlight and strong odours. Temperature 5 – 25°C. Please note: The natural colour used in this product is light sensitive and will fade over life. To slow the fading it must be stored in dark, dry conditions; when applied, exposure to light must be kept to a minimum.


2 x 640g tubs

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