Private Label Coffee

Customised Coffee for your Business

Creating your own bespoke coffee blend sets your business apart from the rest. The beauty of bespoke coffee is that it is uniquely crafted for your business. We offer the flexibility to tailor to your every need, flexible pricing and sustainable, traceable coffee.

For wholesale, retail or both, our industry experts help you develop a coffee that fits your business. Over the years we have created hundreds of bespoke coffee ranges for our customers.

Why choose bespoke coffee?

Create a point of difference for your business to help drive sales
Elevate your coffee and brand credentials
Craft a coffee that is perfect for your business and your customer profile

The Perfect Partner For Your Bespoke
Coffee Project

We’ll get under the skin of your business to understand its unique needs

We’ll guide you through every step of the process to ensure your coffee is a success

Our sensory experts will engage your team, making it a thought-provoking and memorable experience

You’ll benefit from industry-leading skills and technology that ensure consistency, quality and freshness in your coffee

Our extensive quality and safety accreditations will give you peace of mind

Relax knowing that we are a well-established supplier to many of the country’s top retail and café brands

We are committed to sustainability, traceability and provenance on your behalf

Choose from an extensive range of off-the-shelf blend options, or customise a blend to match an existing coffee or to create something entirely new


We source coffee ethically


We champion certifications


We roast to perfection

The Roastery


We only roast with traditional drum roasters for cup quality. With four drums able to span batch sizes from 9kg to 250kg we have the flexibility to optimise for freshness and your order quantities.


Our roast-master team understands how to get the best out of your coffee and will optimise profiles for green coffee variables and your blend sensory specification.


Combining the craft that decades of roasting expertise bring, with the latest in control systems, every roast is checked by an electronic NIR colour-meter for an objective assessment of roast colour.

The Process

A typical bespoke coffee takes 6-8 weeks from brief to launch.

 We will go through a checklist with you to understand your audience, drink types, equipment, anticipated volume, menu price points and margin expectation.


We will work with you to refine your desired market positioning, understand your competitors and establish how your new coffee will give you the advantage.


Many of our customers invest in charitable initiatives for farming communities. Our direct relationships with a broad range of producers means we can also tailor a project for you.


We’ll explore the cost implications and benefits of different sourcing methods, from Direct Trade to Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance.


Our sensory experts will identify the characteristics you are looking for using coffees you like as a guide. We’ll assess our coffees and competitors.


Combining your commercial needs, sourcing approach and flavour profile, we’ll create a proposed blend for you to sample and refine it with your input.


We’ll recommend trialling your new blend on your own equipment and garnering a broader set of opinions from your wider business.


We can offer bespoke packaging or out-of-the-box, pre-formed for retail or flat laminates for wholesale supply. Print on pack or apply labels to get the look you want. Whichever you choose, we can ensure freshness is preserved.


Choose to apply your existing branding or create a whole new coffee brand. Our in-house marketing and design team can help you create something impactful that meets your unique specifications.


We’ll help you plan for a successful launch with staff training tools, sales information and POS communications. Matthew Algie will ensure your new coffee brand is well received by your customers.


Your Coffee Team

Ewan Reid


Q-grader, BSc in food technology, more than 25 years experience in origin sourcing, coffee blending and development.

Amy Oroko


Development economist and sustainability expert, recognised in 2020 “edie – 30 under 30”  as a next generation sustainability leader.

Dr Eduarda Cristovam


PhD in coffee sensory analysis, MSc in food technology and more than 20 years experience in coffee blending and development.

Estelle MacGlip


Q-grader, 20 years sourcing, origin and blending experience. CIPS and futures/options qualified.

Nicholas Campana


More than 10 years experience in small and large scale coffee operations, commercial development and multi-disciplinary marketing.

Our Bespoke Coffee Customers

What our customers say...

“In 2000, Esquires Coffee, with its roots firmly established in Vancouver, established a presence in both the UK and Ireland. A critical decision for the company was to select the right coffee partners who shared our passion, ethos and values in terms of quality, sustainability and great-tasting coffee.

After extensive research we chose Matthew Algie – and 20 years on, the guiding principles that led us to this decision remain. From their state-of-the-art roastery to the sustainability programmes they operate: from the Fairtrade and Organic principles that produce such amazing bespoke blends for us, right through to their expertise on the ground across all our outlets, Matthew Algie have played a crucial part in our ongoing success.”

Tony McVerry, Managing Director,
Esquires Coffee House, Ireland

We are a fiercely independent artisan brand, crafting triple-certified coffee with fresh handmade food. Our vision is built on delivering soul at scale. We combine the agility of our independence with slickness of the international operator we are. Matthew Algie have been our coffee partner for several years; from developing our origin sources for our unique triple-certified blend and supporting our bespoke packaging development they have supported SOHO on our coffee journey. We know we can rely on their expertise, transparency, and passion for coffee.”

Penny Manuel, Managing Director,
Soho Coffee Co.