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Blak Nektar Green Land Estate- Myanmar Filter Wholebean (250g) *BBE 14/08/2020* SHORT SHELF LIFE

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Tasting notes: Chestnut - Caramel - Citrus - Bubbly - Vibrant

Green Land Estate is situated on the road between Pyin Oo Lwin and Mogok in Northern Shan State. U Sai Wan Maing who runs the Estate is obsessed with coffee quality and is one of just 20 Q graders in Myanmar. The coffee on the Estate is inter-cropped with silver oak and macadamia trees to provide shade. 

This is perfect for the more adventurous who love to experiment and try something a little different. An origin that has grown in popularity in recent years in the specially coffee scene and its easy to see why.

Add a little sparkle to your days with this bright and vibrant coffee. The cup provides a complex green apple like acidity perfectly balanced with a little sweetness and smooth body.

Guaranteed a truly unique profile, but worth experimenting with the AeroPress or even as a cold brew. 

250g wholebean 

Farm Information:

Process- Washed

Variety- SL34

Altitude- 1127-1158 MASL