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Blak Nektar Guji Highland- Ethiopia Filter Whole Bean (250g) *BBE 15/08/2020* SHORT SHELF LIFE


Tasting notes: Blueberry- Perfume- Jam- Velvet- Juice  

Rated one of "The best coffee beans to buy online" by BBC Good Food

Guji Highland is grown in a remote and tranquil 250 hectare farm, nestled in a natural cloud forest, situated in the Guji zone, Ethiopia. 

Production is 100% organic with coffee grown in deep, rich, organic soil.

This Ethiopian Guji is simply stunning, an absolute treat. We just can’t get enough, it gets better and better every time.

The intensity and complexity of the berry fruits tantalise the taste buds. The sheer beauty of this coffee is apparent from the minute it’s brewed due to its amazing fragrant aroma right through to the finish with its delicious boozy body. Definitely one to experiment with but we love it brewed through a filter cone.

250g wholebean 

Farm Information:

Process- Natural

Variety- Heirloom

Altitude- 2000-2300 MASL