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Coconut And Mango Frappe

Coconut Mango


  • DaVinci Mango smoothie mix
  • DaVinci Coconut smoothie mix
  • Ice cubes (glass ¾ full)
  • Full 16oz cup of ice, 2/3 filled with milk
  • Water

Blender Required


  • Fill glass ¾ full with ice and add a dash of water
  • Add Coconut smoothie mix to glass until 2/3 full
  • Pour all contents into blender
  • Blend on programme 3
  • Top glass with mango smoothie mix (2fl oz)
  • Add whipped coconut smoothie mix (Half fill whipper with coconut smoothie mix, screw on a charger and shake a few times – leave for a few minutes to create a thick topping)
You'll Need