Catering Tea

Catering Tea

What are your options when it comes to Catering Tea?

When catering for large numbers of people you’ll want to consider which catering tea format will work best. Loose leaf tea sachets for bulk brewers will let you serve high quantities, quickly in one go – perfect for a wedding or conference. Alternatively, large volumes of string and tag teabags will allow your guests to serve themselves as and when convenient– perfect for busy hotel breakfast bars or conference centre break-out rooms.

Why Choose Espresso Warehouse for Catering Tea Bags?

At Espresso Warehouse we carry a number of catering tea options including Fairtrade brand Pavilion Garden, which is available in a number of catering formats. And with our sister company, Matthew Algie, we can offer all the equipment you need to make the perfect brew for your customers every time, no matter how big the guest list.

For a more artisanal serve, you might also want to consider Suki Tea. Now available in larger catering formats, you can provide tea pyramids and envelope teas in a range of flavours to suit all tastes.

If you have any questions about our range or would just like to find out more about Espresso Warehouse, then please contact us.