Fruit Syrups

Fruit Syrups

Why Is Fruit Syrup So Popular?

Flavoured hot and cold beverages are particularly popular amongst the younger demographic. The addition of fruit flavour syrup can turn a regular drink into an irresistible treat, for which your customers will be willing to pay extra.

Using Fruit Syrup as a Tea Syrup

Fruity flavours can super-charge tea, whether hot or cold. A shot of peach syrup with hot chamomile tea for example is a real treat for the taste buds. Or adding raspberry syrup to a red berry iced tea make it a zesty and refreshing treat.

Using Fruit Syrups in Iced Drinks and smoothies

Each year we produce a number of summer drink recipes to suit a wide range of customers. Often these include a pump or two of fruit syrup to create the perfect flavor. Some require a blender (Mango Fandango, Peach and Passionfruit Frappe, Strawberry and White Chocolate Frappe and Matcha Lime Crush are just a few). Some simply require ice and are an operational dream – such as our peach and pineapple iced teas. Whatever your requirements, there is a wide range of fruit flavoured syrups to choose from.

Using Fruit Syrups in Hot Chocolate

Certain flavours of fruit syrup even pair even well with hot chocolate and can turn a basic drink into an indulgent treat. Our hot chocolate orange for example is a perennial favourite, using DaVinci orange syrup with Chocolate Abyss hot chocolate topped with lashings of whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Delicious!

Why Choose Espresso Warehouse for Syrups?

At Espresso Warehouse, we believe that every drink should be a treat. We don't think your customers should have to settle for anything less than the best on the market. Therefore, we are committed to offering a wide range of syrups of the best possible quality. We not only carry a wide range of fruit flavours, but we also provide recipe suggestions to use with our syrups – and free point of sale to help promote finished drinks, Our goal is to help you serve the best-tasting drinks around.
If you have any questions about our range or would just like to find out more about Espresso Warehouse, then please contact us.