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Who is suki tea?

In 2005 business partners (and friends) Annie Rooney and Oscar Woolley, set up a stand at a small Farmer’s Market in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Having both wandered through Asia, their eyes were opened to a world of really (really) good ethically-sourced teas, which they wanted to share with everyone. They travelled the length and breadth of Ireland, visiting farmers markets, craft fairs and music festivals. In those early days, the business plan was. . . Tea, Fun, Money.

A decade later, still led by Annie and Oscar, the Belfast-based team continues to sell their ethically sourced teas, infusions and blends from all over the world. But now they have a significantly wider geographical audience – and 37 Great Taste Awards under their belts – proving Suki Tea truly is ‘Tea as it should be’.

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A punchy, full on infusion of mixed berries, fruit & hibiscus. Tart, Fruit, Jam

What is special about Suki Tea?


Stimulate the senses; from the beauty of the whole tea leaf, delicate spices, real fruit pieces and freshly picked herbs, to the wonderful hues and exciting aromas. Sit back and relax as you discover the depth and intricate layers of flavour in each sip.


The ritual of brewing the perfect cuppa is one to be celebrated. The Suki Tea Experience is a moment of calm enjoying authentic, inspirational, real tea leaves in the perfect pot. Your personal tea moment should be one of enjoyment, cosy feelings and relaxation. A time to brew, time to unwind, time to be inspired.


Satisfying a continual appetite for quality teas, each blend they craft endures many taste trials and tweaks taking an exciting idea from fun creation to the ultimate sensory tea adventure.


Oscar and Annie have a responsibility to the Suki Team, the extended Suki Tea family and the global community to behave in a respectful, ethical and accountable way continuing to grow a virtuous company they can all be proud of.


As they strive for excellence in best business practice, a fundamental value of Suki Tea is responsible sourcing. They seek and nurture partnerships with tea growers who are as dedicated as they are to building better conditions and a sustainable future for their people, plant and environment.


Something they hold dear is their adventurous spirit; this leads the team on a daily journey of discovery through continued learning on their path to excellence. 

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